The Most Comprehensive Software Platform for Antibody R&D

Support every member of every team. Replace one-off tools with an integrated solution. Be productive from day one with StackWave Affinity™ and stay productive, no matter how far you need to go or how much you need to grow.

A Complete R&D Solution

Connect and support every team

Be more productive. Coordinating all antibody R&D activities in one software system allows us to facilitate seamless hand-offs between teams within organizations.
Spend less money. We've dramatically decreased the software budget for antibody R&D teams by combining essential discovery tools in one system at one price.
Designed for you. Our decades of experience and focus on antibody R&D allows us to provide a solution that's ready from day one.
StackWave Affinity is designed for the needs of antibody R&D scientists.
StackWave Affinity™ Advantages

Work Confidently with Affinity

Workflow Automation

Reduce repetitive tasks and human error by automating common workflows, data transformations, analyses, and hand-offs.

Single Data Repository

One source of truth for all of your data allows you to review results and look for patterns within teams, within projects, and across the organization.

Support for Every Team

Do more and spend less with a platform designed to support every member of every team, from the lab to the C-suite.

Advanced Reporting

Design dashboards that help your team monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions.


What our customers say

"StackWave gives us confidence in our leads by collecting all of the data about our potential therapeutics in one place and making that data actionable by allowing us to compare antibodies of interest."


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StackWave Affinity™

Whether you're a CRO making customer deliveries, a start-up advancing towards IND, or an established biopharma supporting multiple programs at once, Affinity supports every team, at every step, on a single platform, for a single price.

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