Everything you need for Antibody Discovery

  • Fully-integrated antibody discovery, protein expression, and characterization system from target identification and campaign organization through lead characterization and affinity maturation
  • Simplify collaboration and communication between antibody discovery, molecular biology, protein expression, and analytics teams
  • Built-in inventory management and reporting system with integrations for barcoding
  • Custom report generation for any material in the system, such as lead antibodies, oft-used plasmids, or engineered cell lines
  • Configurable antibody sequence analysis with built-in sequence highlighting
  • Single source of truth for all of your sequence, inventory, and assay data
  • Antibody lineage traceable to your desired level of granularity, down to an individual mouse or sample of phage
  • A single solution to replace multiple disparate tools

Our Products

StackWave's modern suite of web-based tools simplify therapeutics research operations and enable teams to scale
Image that contains a screenshot of the StackWave Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

StackWave Affinity™ - Antibody Discovery LIMS

StackWave’s Affinity LIMS provides the industry’s first fully-integrated antibody discovery solution. Unlike other systems that graft an incomplete collection of tools onto an ELN or chemical registry, StackWave Affinity was designed from the start with antibody discovery companies in mind.

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Image that contains a picture of a tablet showing the StackWave Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)

StackWave ELN - Digital Notebook

The StackWave ELN takes advantage of cutting-edge web technologies to provide a simple, flexible, easy-to-use, and powerful web application for recording observations and capturing data throughout the lab. StackWave's ELN maximizes the value of your organized content by providing a simple global search tool that can scan across every piece of information to which a user has access and can intelligently link to external resources, such as the StackWave LIMS, based on the content of your notes.

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Image that contains a conceptual depiction of the StackWave Scientific Data Management System (SDMS)

StackWave SDMS - Automations and Integrations

StackWave SDMS is much more than a simple SDMS (Scientific Data Management System). StackWave SDMS actively monitors your laboratory systems for key events and can send notifications, trigger downstream processes, transform and transmit assay data, and more. In combination with the powerful asset management features of LabInspector, StackWave SDMS can provide a more complete picture of your laboratory's operation.

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Image that contains a screenshot of LabInspector

LabInspector - Laboratory Asset Management

LabInspector makes it easy to catalog, manage, and maintain the equipment in your lab. Our off-the-shelf solution is designed with laboratory automation groups in mind, providing tools to address the challenges of managing the modern life science laboratory.

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