Lab Informatics for Biologics Discovery


Preparing to Scale

For every young biotech, there is a point at which it becomes apparent that Excel is no longer a sufficient data management tool. A more robust software solution is necessary to prepare for the impending leap in scale of data related to the processes for discovery, production, and analytics. To add to the challenge, biology increases complexity and makes change unavoidable. To tackle this challenge, we must take a new approach to the LIMS process.


Protein Structure and Characterization

The StackWave Biologics LIMS Platform allows you to flexibly describe and manage the sequences and other data associated with your antigens, antibodies, and any other type of protein structure.  You have the power to configure what properties and data are important for the characterization of your critical proteins.  Generate reports that aggregate everything you know about critical proteins to simplify comparison and prioritization.


Expression and Purification

Use StackWave's Biologics LIMS to simplify and organize all of your production processes.  Submit requests, assign and prioritize work, and monitor the status of each task via the production dashboard.  Automatic and/or manual QC steps allow you to guarantee that only high quality samples proceed to downstream processes.


Assay Data Capture

In a discovery lab, an abundance of assay data is coming at you from many devices in many different places.  The StackWave Biologics LIMS provides a single, canonical source of truth for all of your scientific data with flexible reporting, visualization, and data analysis tools.  StackWave's SDMS integrates seamlessly with the LIMS to provide configurable, automated assay data collection, review, and publishing pipelines.


Animal Studies

Streamline in-vivo study management with out-of-the-box support for mouse tracking, scheduling, and data capture and analysis. There's no need to use a different software package to manage your animal studies because support is already built into the StackWave Biologics LIMS.