Laboratory Services

StackWave’s proven software infrastructure combined with our software engineering and quality control processes, our expertise in building and managing laboratory databases, and our experience managing systems behind the firewall and in the cloud allows us to operate as a partner across the application development landscape. Engage with StackWave to rapidly deploy new software tailored to the unique challenges of your organization, to allow our processes and expertise to inform your own team, or to supplement your internal development efforts.

StackWave’s software infrastructure serves as the foundation for all of our applications. Our technology provides foundational tools for processing, managing, and analysing scientific data; integrating instruments, applications, and databases; and securing, auditing, and maintaining your software. Use our platform to accelerate the development of software applications tailored to the challenges of your lab.

The StackWave team’s extensive experience building, deploying, and managing laboratory software has brought us unique insights into the development of these applications. Let our expertise guide the design of your software architecture, database schemas, development processes, and more. Our years of software and systems integration experience can translate into substantial time savings as you navigate the challenges of connecting disparate laboratory instruments, applications, and databases.