Typical SDMS applications have a strong, sometimes singular, focus on propreitary file types, offering limited functionality for general formats.  Our vendor agnostic approach makes the StackWave SDMS document management platform extremely versatile.  Unlike many of its competitors, the StackWave SDMS was not an afterthought of a proprietary system.  It is a complete, stand-alone solution developed with laboratory science and automation in mind.

Applications Include

  • Analytical Chemistry
    • Vendor-agnostic aggregation of UPLC, HPLC, and Mass Spectrometry raw files
  • Biochemical Assay Data
    • Automatic calculation of important assay metrics
    • Simple, customizable data transformations
    • Supports processing and validation of DNA and AA sequences for proteins and plasmids
  • Small molecule high throughput screening (HTS)
    • Efficient real-time aggregation of result files
    • Distriburted networking support for parrellel processing
    • Multi-threaded for decreased processing time
    • Advanced compatiblity with Biochemical LIMS and Sample Management systems
  • Laboratory Automation Systems
    • API support for all automation vendors, such as:
      • Bionex, Retisoft, HighRes Biosolutions, Hamilton, Labcyte, Thermo, and more
    • File parsers for many Liquid Handlers, with automatic aggregation and validation
    • Automated barcode tracking to maintain a complete ancestry of source to destination containers