Automatically Collect and Process Assay Data

Collect, validatate, tranform, and transmit your assay data using the StackWave SDMS.  Scientists will no longer need to spend time collecting and uploading assay data.  By unifying the process for data import across all devices, your laboratory can save time, simplify SOPs, and reduce error rates.

Features Include

  • Automatic processing of assay result file directories
  • Secure change logs ease the pain of regulatory audits
  • Validate each file in real-time, notifying users of irregular events
  • Normalize inconsistent file formats for downstream comparisons
  • Automatically export validated assay data into an external LIMS or corporate database
  • A fully-featured quarantine system ensures quality data
  • Integrated support for many existing devices
    • Waters UPLC and HPLC devices
    • Tecan M1000
    • PerkinElmer EnVision
    • Vircsidian Studio
    • BioTek Readers
    • Roche LightCycler
    • Many more