Automate data workflows

The StackWave SDMS frees scientists from performing repetitive, menial tasks while increasing data reliability.  Automated processing enables new workflows such as the automatic aggregation of assay data filesreal-time QC, automated system alerting, and round-the-clock data processing.  Informatics tasks that could take hours or days, can be performed in parallel, in the cloud, and at times outside of the normal work day.

  • Perform real-time QC and validation
  • Aggregate and transmit assay data files
  • Send notifications and warnings for important events
  • Gather operational metrics for error rates and device utilization
  • Track sample locations and volumes
  • Monitor source to destination barcode assocations
  • Integrations include (but are not limited to):
    • Hamilton Robotics and Storage
    • Tecan Liquid Handlers
    • Waters, including HPLC and UPLC devices
    • ABSciex
    • Labcyte, including Echo
    • Retisoft Genera
    • Bionex/Agilent VWorks
    • HighRes Biosolutions Cellario
    • Virscidian Studio